Venus Transit in Virgo- 23 October 2020

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The planet of beauty, femininity, luxury and the finer things in life is going to move to the sign of Mercury i.e. Virgo on October 23, 2020. Venus is considered debilitated in the house of Virgo. Let’s understand what this could mean for you.

Venus Transit in Virgo on October 23, 2020

The debilitation factor

Venus is considered debilitated in the house of Virgo. Though Venus and Mercury are not mutually inimical to each other, we must note that Venus is the planet of luxurious indulgences while Virgo is the sign of the virgin- which is more calculative, altruistic and has a humanitarian approach. As a result of this, the planet of indulging the self has issues in the sign that connects with the world.

Debilitation doesn’t necessarily produce excessively negative returns. However, it can definitely bring some reduction in the positive qualities of the planet.

Generic Results of the Transit

In general, this transit could mean an interest in people, activities and even political parties who are playing the underdog. This could be a time when we focus more on the people who do not have power. The attention will easily shift away from people who are powerful or who hold positions. Ironically, at the same time, there will be more criticism for people who do not have power.

So, on one hand, we will shift attention to the underdogs and powerless but we will also find a newfound criticism towards them. As a result, we will end up pushing the powerless to a situation where their back is against the wall.

A more serious and troubling indication from this position is that we may start becoming slightly more critical of women (and femininity in general). This would specially be true in cases where women are in some way at a lower financial or social status or in cases where women are subservient to us. Remember, this doesn’t apply to men alone. Even women could feel critical of women working under them.

Sometimes, this kind of placement shows us some kind of exploitative behavior towards women. It could also give rise to scandals and some people falling in trouble because of how they are treating women.

In general, a lot of people will find their partners becoming nitpicky and passive-aggressive because of which their relationship could be strained. This is happening because of a direct aspect of a retrograded Mars in Pisces.

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Results for Different Signs

Now let’s understand the results that this transit will bring for different signs. Remember, I always focus on the Moon Signs. If you want to look at things via lagna/ascendant, you can do that too.


Aries should be careful of sharp objects and small animals. This is a time where things will seem to be out of balance and you will be spending your time in trying to balance everything out. Try not to stretch yourself too thin and don’t try to salvage what is already gone.


A good time for you where you will be enjoying with friends and family. This is a time where you could be surrounded by family members and would also give rest to a long period of emotional loneliness. There are chances of a family reunion of some kind. Overall, a very good period for you.


Gemini people should get ready to go out more, travel more (please be cautious as we still need to follow social distancing guidelines) and be with a lot more people. This time could also bring some gains for you. However, they may not be directly monetary in nature.


You have spent a long time trying to figure things out and living a life which doesn’t promise much adventure. However, now the thrill has begun. Utilize this time to start things and get better and faster results.


A good time for you as well. However, avoid the tendency of spending too much and that too using credit. If you like someone, then this is the time where you will take some steps to take the relationship forward. Do not spend too much to buy an expensive gift for them. Instead, focus on long term investing.


This is an unusually good time for you. You will be able to win over your enemies and there will definitely be some gains coming your way. If you are able to shut the critical voice at the back of your head (which is sometimes just paranoid), you will be able to find lasting love as well.


Librans should try to curb their desire of going far and wide to travel. If you find it difficult to do so, then try to go to religious places and/or to any ‘mangalik’ works only. This will protect you from aimless wandering. Remember, you are prone to a lot of infections. So don’t let a travel be the reason why you catch the stomach bug.


This time will be dedicated to memories, the older the better. You might remember your old sweetheart, your school crush or someone who you deeply loved or cared for. At this time, you could even come across old and memorable places where you made generally insignificant but very fond memories. If you like someone who is younger to you or reminds you of your younger days, then you are going to miss them almost too much.


Generally a fine time if you are able to take good care of your health. Try to eat as simple food as possible and avoid eating outside. You should also try to avoid making any big purchases at this moment unless they are absolutely necessary. Don’t do anything just to show off.


A good time for you as far as work is concerned. Don’t forget to take a look at your spouse as well. Work will keep you busy and this is a time where you could be focusing more on your parents, especially your father. When in a dilemma, ask yourself what your father would have done in this situation and try to emulate him for good results.


A fantastic period for you as you would be able to meet new people, enjoy new gatherings, get to go out and have a little fun doing what you love- talking and exchanging ideas. You will also be getting monetary benefits during this time and spend your money on things that you can show off, that let you indulge. You are most likely deeply romantically connected to someone but will ignore them during this time. Don’t do that if possible.


This is a truly challenging time for you. There could be troubles because of younger male colleagues and female colleagues as well. You could even land in a scandal- sometimes because of no fault of your own but because of these colleagues. They could increase your stress level and may bring some ill-fame to you. Try to be as calm and kind as possible while dealing with them. You will have a newfound appreciation for your partner after this phase is over. However, during this time, you may face a lot of nitpicking by the partner.

I hope that this period is generally fruitful to you and brings many gains to your life. 🙂 🙂

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