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A very, very warm welcome to The Holistic Astrology Podcast from Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology. I am Davendri, otherwise known as Neha. This is Season 1, Episode 2 and you can find a transcript of this episode on my website

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There is nothing as beautiful as to wake up on a Sunday morning and immerse yourself with a little piece of knowledge from Indian sages. Today we will be talking about Holistic Astrology which is my unique take on ancient Indian vedic astrology systems. So let’s dive in.

Holistic Astrology is my way of looking at ancient Indian concepts of astrology and tweaking them to the world we live in. Over the years, I have used astrology only to help people get through their tough times. Holistic Astrology is not just about telling you what is going wrong or maybe suggesting you a gemstone, it is a potent mix of concepts borrowed from Hindu philosophy, mythology, astrology, ayurveda, mantra, yantra, tantra and gemology.

I don’t just talk about planets and houses, I talk about their meanings, symbolism, esoteric, mythological and philosophical principles as well.
I don’t just tell you your horoscopes, I tell you your Karmascopes.
I help you find out your life purpose, the meaning of this birth, the lessons from your past birth, your soul’s true desire and what all you can do to make this life a better and more fulfilling life.

Under the principles of Holistic Astrology, I try to give a positive and inspiring path for seekers which helps them in becoming their best selves. In essence, Holistic Astrology is not just another astrological  channel or some promise of a great, free land. It is all about Karma.

I am a strong believer that a personality is a blend of the horoscope i.e. the position of the planets,  the upbringing of a person and their individual karma. Take either of these elements out and Holistic Astrology ceases to exist.

It is important to note that planets,  regardless of their position, can only promise a possibility, not an outcome. The outcome of a situation depends on your karma. Therefore, I focus extensively on changing karma via habits, mantra practices, meditation practices, food habit changes and more.

I also strongly, strongly believe that to make Holistic Astrology worth your while, you don’t really have to be religious. You could be born in any religion, you could have chosen any community. The point is that Holistic Astrology is for everyone and I am trying to make sure that language is not a barrier for anyone interested in gaining from it.

As we talk more, you will understand the whole concept of my unique Holistic Astrological approach. As you listen to these podcasts, I will sit here, enjoying the beautiful but cold Himalayan breeze.

Good day and may  Devi Bhagwati bless you!

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