The Holistic Astrology Podcast

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One candle is enough to remove the fear of darkness. And one guide is enough to remove the fear of an unpredictable and confusing life.

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The Holistic Astrology Podcast- S1E1

A very, very warm welcome to the holistic astrology podcast from Bhagyashree holistic astrology. I’m your host and your friend Davendri. the name sounds rather unique and why not? It was selected by the stars for me, even though my popular name is Neha Davendri is what resonates the most with me. It is easy to drop out of those two, the life as well.

There is a personality, a life path, a life purpose that the stars choose for you. And then that is a career, a life and a few habits that you choose for yourself. Unfortunately, they are not always compatible. And when that happens is when your life enters a state of perpetual confusion.

It becomes really very, very difficult For a lot of us to decide what is right and what is harmful. In this case astrology is of great, great help. I already have a Hindi astrology channel on YouTube and a website called bhagyashree dot org. My mission is to separate the wisdom of vedic astrology from the sensationalization, the fear and the darkness that it is sometimes. engulfed in.

I want to take the essence of Vedic astrology and blend it, with my own experience and my own prediction style.

From today onwards, you will be receiving a very small, but a very beautiful episode of the holistic astrology podcast. I will come up with handpicked traditions, handpicked spiritual practices, and handpicked, astrology knowledge for you. And I hope that you will be able to use this knowledge for your own happiness and for achieving your life goals.

So stay here, stay with me and keep listening.

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