November 2020 Astrological Update

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While October was a relatively calm month in terms of planetary movements, we can’t say the same about November. A lot of planetary movements and some very important Hindu festivals are lined up for the month. This is a time when you have to be very careful about what is happening in your life as some big changes are going to shake up things during the month.

November 2020 Astrological Update- Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology

Hindu Festivals for the month

Let’s begin with some Hindu Festivals of the month that will keep you busy and bring a lot of joy and festivities in your home and life.


A fast designed for married women who want to pray for the long life of their husbands. This is not a nationwide fasting ritual but is commonly observed in many regions. With Karvachauth begin the Diwali season where everything is joyous and happy. These days, many couples keep this fast together to pray for a blessed and happy married life.

Ahoi Ashtami

Another fasting ritual which is done by mothers in several regions in India to pray for the health and happiness of their kids. Historically, this fast was done for the male child but now mothers do it for all their kids regardless of gender.


The 13th day of the lunar month, Dhanteras is connected to your wealth. It is common to begin Diwali shopping on this day. A lot of people buy vessels and even precious metals on this day. This day is considered very auspicious as well.

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This year, Diwali will be celebrated on November 14. This is the day when we meet friends and family, light lamps in the honor of Raja Ram who returns to Ayodhya after spending 14 years in exile. This is the biggest Hindu festival which is celebrated across most regions, especially in the North.

Govardhan Pooja

Govardhan Pooja is usually done in the Northern plains and this year it will be held on November 15. This pooja is performed by the devotees of Shri Krishna.

Bhai Dooj

This is another prominent festival for siblings after Rakshabandhan. Sisters do tilak on the forehead of their brothers and pray for their long life and health. In general, a day where you can get in touch with your siblings and share some love. This year, it will be celebrated on November 16.

Devuthhani Ekadashi

This is considered the day when Bhagwavn Shri Vishnu breaks his 4 month slumber. This day also marks the end of Chaumas and begins a phase when you can finally start all Mangalik karyas at home. Most auspicious ceremonies like marriages and grah pravesh etc. are done after the Devutthani Ekadashi to get the blessings of Bhagwan Shri Vishnu.

Tulsi Vivah

According to legends, this is the day when Tulsi is married to Shaligram, a form of Vishnu. All marriage ceremonies in Hindus take place only after the first marriage of the year i.e. Tulsi Vivah. Though it is commonplace to find people marrying before that day as well but most people prefer to wait till Tulsi Vivah before getting married.

Kartik Purnima

Kartik is the month where you get a lot of spiritual benefits, specially those related to Bhagwan Shri Vishnu and Shri Krishna and Kartik Purnima is also considered equally auspicious. This year, Kartik Purnima will also have a lunar eclipse on November 30.

Astrological Events

Now, let’s take a look at the different astrological events that are going to occur during the month.

Vrishchik Sankranti

Vrishchik Sankranti happens when Sun moves into the sign of Scorpio. This is going to be an important event as sun finally moves out of Debilitation and is now shining bright. This will help a lot in bringing some recognition to people and bringing them the results that they have been waiting for.

Venus Goes to Libra

Venus, the planet of comforts and luxuries will be moving into its own sign of Libra this month which will bring a lot more comfort and a tendency to indulge in many of us.

Jupiter Transit in Capricorn

This is the most important transit of the year which is happening after years. This transit will bring some truly lasting changes in our lives and will help us in making the most important changes possible. This is a time where our dharma and karma will stare right into our face. I will be making a very detailed video on this transit. It will occur on November 20.

Mercury goes to Scorpio

Mercury will be going into the sign of Scorpio which will be bringing some much-needed gains for the sign of Scorpio. If you are a Scorpion, then the last leg of the month will be very important for you. This transit will occur on November 28.

Lunar Eclipse

Right on the day of Kartik Purnima, we will find a lunar eclipse. This is not a very powerful eclipse but it will definitely have some lasting effects on our life. The eclipse occurs on November 30.

In between, Mars will finally move out of retrogression and take a direct turn in Pisces on November 14. This will be a sign of positive changes for many signs.

I will be making videos on all the astrological events mentioned above. So stay tuned. And yeah! The Monthly KarmaScopes are coming up for November 2020 for all signs. Don’t forget to watch.

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