Cancer Moon Sign/Ascendant KarmaScope | November 2020

2 minutes

This time cannot be considered wholly conducive for you. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is bad. What it simply means is that this a time where your grit and determination will be tested. So get ready for it.

Cancer Moon Sign/Ascendant KarmaScope | कर्क राशिफल November 2020

At this time, it would be far better for you to focus more on the family then on friends. Your family needs you more. Apart from that, you have a lot of friends who bring nothing productive, positive or inspiring in your life. They are not the people who you can have a heart-to-heart talk with. You simply keep these people in your life because you don’t want to be alone and want to kill time. Be careful. It is not they who are wrong, it is you.

This month brings a lot of physical work for you. Therefore, you would have to work harder, make many short distance travels and exert more than normal. Try to focus as much on the family as possible in order to have a good life.

You will be getting the results of your karma during this time. So whatever happens to you right now is the direct result of the karma you have acquired. What you do right now will reap rewards/punishments later on.

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