Capricorn Moon Sign/Ascendant KarmaScope | November 2020

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This is a complicated month for Capricorn moon sign/ascendant people. While things will be great at work and most likely at home also, this is not a time where you would be completely happy.

Capricorn Moon Sign/Ascendant KarmaScope | मकर राशिफल November 2020

Capricorns will have a complicated but generally good month. This is because life at work will be good. There are chances of new business ventures where you would be happy to work hard. However, if work is okay, health will have problems. If things with your spouse are good, they will be bad with your parents. It would be very difficult to find a balance at this time and you would most likely be quite overwhelmed with what is happening around you.

Even then I would call it a generally great month for Capricorns because things have started to move and they will definitely be giving you a lot of long-awaited results. You should, however, note that the chances of getting ill-fame or a bad reputation are really high.

In the past few months, you have tried very hard in order to maintain an image, impress people and also to appear slightly brighter than what you already are. This facade may be broken and people may have this feeling that they have “discovered your true colors.”

Regardless of what causes this feeling to develop, there is no doubt that you will have a feeling of discomfort. It is important to be truthful to yourself and to the people you love/people who love you. The looming far of distrust from people may materialize itself but ask yourself, “did you allow it to happen?”

Whatever it is, understand that even your best intentions do not lead to the best results on most occasions. So be truthful to yourself, have a heart to heart chat with someone and don’t take anything to heart. Whatever is happening, is happening for good.

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