Sagittarius Moon Sign/Ascendant KarmaScope | November 2020

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Sagittarius Moon Sign/Ascendant KarmaScope | धनु राशिफल November 2020

When everything seems to be going right, we often forget that somethings could go terribly wrong as well. For Sagittarius, this is going to be the mantra of the month.

Sagittarius Moon Sign/Ascendant KarmaScope | धनु राशिफल November 2020

Sagittarius moon sign and ascendant folks will believe that everything is going according to their own liking. “What a wonderful time to be alive,” you may tell yourselves. Things will be happening according to your liking and the path would be very smooth as well.

At this time, you need to steer clear of any kind of air pollution. This means you should celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali and try to avoid any kind of smog or fumes. These will be really harmful for you.

Your hypochondriac tendencies will come to the surface this month and you may feel that you are sick and something is wrong with you. Don’t worry too much. You are not in as as bad shape as you imagine. Whenever you feel ill, simply try to go out in the open air (obviously the unpolluted one) and walk a little, talk with people and engage yourself. You will be fine. If you really feel you are in bad shape, avoid self-medicating at home or becoming a Google-doctor. Instead, you should go to a real doctor and get all your doubts cleared.

You might want to acquire big, expensive and long-term assets during this time. If you feel like doing this, try to stay on the lower end of things and do not overspend. In fact, it would be better to buy smaller assets at this time than outright buying something too big. I would suggest you to think of long-term consequences of long-term assets as well.

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