Taurus Moon Sign/Ascedant KarmaScope | November 2020

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Taurus is going to have a tumultuous November. While the month begins with some issues with self-esteem, it doesn’t necessarily end that way. This is a time of big changes and transformations. Therefore, you must be ready for that.

Taurus Moon Sign/Ascendant KarmaScope | वृषभ राशिफल November 2020

The month is going to begin in dire straits for this moon sign/ascendant. The first half will come with some problems and issues. There will be problems like low self-esteem. The impostor syndrome could also be bothering you this month. You may want to present as if everything is going right and you are strong enough to manage everything on your own. However, the problem is that you are not feeling as confident inside. In fact, it feels like you will burst out of the seams any moment.

Don’t worry. It is only a passing emotion and has nothing to do with how your life is going to turn out. Around the middle of month, you will start feeling a sense of transformation in your life. This is a time you will either visit your native village or feel very connected to your native customs etc. These things will give you balance and power in life which would eventually be helpful in providing you a more sensible approach to life.

If there are issues related to property (paternal property), they could be sorted out and you may even receive something from your parents or family elders that will be very useful for you in the times to come. Your partner may be feeling more romantic than usual. It would be better not to shoo them away at this time.

Remember that you sometimes need to go on your lowest lows to come back to your highest highs. This is a time for change and transformation. So let things be and don’t fret about anything much. You will come out stronger and better out of this transition.

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