KarmaScopes December 2020

20 minutes

Welcome to my monthly KarmaScopes- a unique look at astrological horoscopes where you don’t just learn what could happen to you during the month, but also understand what needs to be done in order to maximize the good results.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the KarmaScopes for the month of December 2020. If you want to get an update on what this month can bring for you, check out my December update video.

Aries Ascendant/Moon | मेष लग्न/राशि KarmaScopes December 2020

Aries will have a relatively good time during the month. They will be finding a lot of great opportunities to prosper in their career and will most likely get the blessings of their seniors as well.

As usual, the aggressive sign needs to keep its temper in control. This could be one of the most fulfilling times of your life as you get the chances you had been looking for. This is a time where you have to be extremely careful in how you deal with people or you may land in trouble. This is specially true for your seniors. Even if you don’t like them, don’t make it too obvious.

This is a good time for the employed, students and even business people. New doors of opportunities will open up. In terms of love, you will have a good time. Aries couples will be able to solve the existing issues in your relationship. Obviously, making effort is necessary. Aries singles may find love this month.

There are chances of long distance travels or transfers as well. A lot of you will find unexpected things happening this month, in both small and big matters. There are chances that you may suddenly come across the solutions to some pressing problems.

As I said before as well, this is not a time when you want to test the limits of your aggression. Be as calm as possible. It would be better not to eat too hot or spicy food. Do not lash out. Take good care of your health and make sure that you enjoy and relax a bit.

Taurus Ascendant/Moon | वृषभ लग्न/राशि KarmaScopes December 2020

Taurus will be under the effect of Rahu which is asking them to get more done and achieve more things in life. It is because of this that you will feel more productive than usual and would want to achieve more and more in life. Your life will be much better in the first half of the month, but the second half will also be generally good. You will be at your productive best during the first half.

While the entire world is feeling rather let down and anxious during the pandemic, you are going in the exact opposite directions. You are feeling a newfound strength and vigor that remains completely unmatched in your circles.

Your are getting several different ideas right now because of which you will be brimming with both happiness and energy. You feel that you have a lot of opportunities and chances at hand. The several ideas that are running through your brain at lighting speed are demanding more focus.

This is the time when you want to communicate with people and share your ideas. However, during your communication you will want to be appreciated. You are looking for a pat on the back and not any kind of criticism. It is good to connect with new people and also to get the blessings of your elders. Do not run away from people- you will be getting really good results because of your communication. A new business idea, a new deal or a new financial benefit is on the cards.

Make sure that you don’t forget your personal relationships while running after professional growth. Married Taurus will find some kind of health issues with their spouse and see that emotional problems don’t turn into physical problems.

You won’t be able to save a lot of money right now so make sure you make good use of your resources. Make a joint asset with your partner or expand your business with the help of your spouse. It will be better not to lend money to people right now because you may have a big expense lined up during the month and you will need that money.

You may have problems because of your colleagues. So be very good with your seniors which could help turn situations in your favor. Do not daydream and make sure you don’t make a situation bigger than it is. Make sure that when you communicate, you are ready to listen to things you may not like.

Gemini Ascendant/Moon | मिथुन लग्न/राशि KarmaScope December 2020

You will be full of energy during the month and it will help you in making use of some truly rewarding opportunities as well. However, this is a time where you have to define whether you want to live in the past or in the future. A lot of people in the Gemini Ascendant/Moon Sign category are currently unable to define which path they want to take in life. This is a fruitful time for defining this direction in your life.

Obviously, living in the past doesn’t bring anything fruitful for most people. Therefore, it is vital to take the lessons from the past and use them for the future.

Efforts will be really high this month but so will be their results, although they will be slightly delayed. Whether you are a student, a businessperson or an employee, the efforts are going to be really high. It is not necessary to keep doing the things you always did in order to make more sense in life. A change will come, whether you like it or not.

Take good care of your health and learn to step back when your body starts feeling slightly tired. Do not overexert. It is not necessary that you get what you wanted. However, new or alternative sources of opportunity may open up.

Make sure that you have very good relations with your peers and colleagues. You are going through a phase of transformation because of which you will not be able to have harmonious relationships with your partner. So Gemini couples may have issues. Singles may also have some issues.

Dryness and roughness can be very common. So use pure Desi Ghee in your diet. Try to be as polite with your partner as possible. Make sure that you get some vitality with a little bit of the morning sun. Have good moments with the people you love and don’t forget to laugh and share some good moments with them.

Cancer Ascendant/Moon | कर्क लग्न/राशि KarmaScopes December 2020

There could be some kind of emotional disturbance for Cancer ascendant/moon sign people in the beginning of the month, mostly because of the lunar eclipse of November 30. Cancer is the only sign of the moon, so disturbances of the moon cause disturbances in your emotions very easily.

It would be better for the Cancerians to simply acknowledge what is happening with their emotions and let it go. Do not meditate on the issues and simply learn to let go of them. Otherwise, you will be fine during the month.

If you are doing a business of your own, then this month could prove to be really fruitful for you. You could get the gains that you were looking for since a very long time. You will feel good and also have a sense of achievement. Make sure that you keep a good track of your inventories, balances, bank statements, account books etc.

If you are employed, then you may go through some problems and delays at the workplace. You should ensure that you have a set time table in life and you follow it very strictly. It is a good time as far as money is concerned so you need to make as many savings as possible. Get ready for a big investments. Share markets can also provide you good opportunities in the coming months.

The situation at home will be largely positive and you will enjoy your time in the company of kids and small animals. Just make sure you take care of your relationships. Take things slow and make sure that you don’t get lost too much in the spiritual side. Right now you need to focus on the material. Meditate and do mantra jaap for good results.

Leo Ascendant/Moon | सिंह लग्न/राशि KarmaScope December 2020

You are finally going to get some gains in life after a long wait. As is obvious, nothing will be dramatic and even the good results in life will take their own sweet time before they fully materialize. You need to understand that things will first be slow before they take full speed. The good news is that they have at least started moving in the right direction now.

This is a good time to pay off your debts. You will be getting some new sources of income or money that has been stuck for a long time could finally start coming back to your pockets. Use this money to fulfill all your debt obligations so that you have more financial freedom and peace of mind.

Your seniors and elders will be able to help you in making big gains in life. If you ever feel like you need to share your issues, you should go to your seniors and elders. Make sure that you adopt a humble approach when dealing with them. This would be much better than adopting a transactional approach towards your seniors.

You should make sure that you don’t fizzle out during this time. Maintain your energy and focus throughout the month. Your family atmosphere will also be good during this time.

To get the maximum results out of this good time, you should ensure that you do not push things too hard or too fast. Understand that everything takes its own sweet time and it is best to wait for things. Show a lot more patience than you already do. Make sure you are careful about accounting and do not sign any papers without reading them thoroughly first.

Eat homemade food only. If you are married Leo, then you will have a good time with your spouse but those in a relationship may face issues. Single Leos may find it better to simply focus on themselves and their careers right now.

Virgo Ascendant/Moon | कन्या लग्न/राशि KarmaScope December 2020

Everyone experiences a rosy time in their life at least once. For you Virgos, the time is right now. This is the time where you have to take action to make your life better in the upcoming days.

Contentment is the biggest quality of them all because there is nothing that can corrupt a content man. This way you sleep better, eat better, think better because desire has not consumed you completely and you are happy with what you have. This is exactly the kind of contentment that people born in Virgo Ascendant/Moon sign should be looking for.

You may be able to acquire assets or reach milestones during the month because of which you will feel very content. The only people who may feel loneliness and lack of contentment are those who are single. They will be looking for someone to share their life with. Make sure that you do not jump into a relationship simply because of your ‘need’ to be with someone. Be careful and take it slow.

You have tried to go out of your way in your work. Some of you may have tried to copy someone to become cockier and more flamboyant. This creates a type of dissonance in your mind because of which you will feel slightly disappointed. It is a time to take a lesson and understand who you are and what you can do in your life.

Foreign sources will give you better gains as compared to domestic sources of income. Take care of your legs and your lower back as well. DO NOT overexert yourself physically or mentally. Understand your limitations and make the best of them. Do not speak ill of your in-laws. Maybe you will need them and it would be awkward to ask for their help after badmouthing them.

Libra Ascendant/Moon | तुला लग्न/राशि KarmaScope December 2020

Balance is an essential for life, a non-negotiable. People who fail to maintain balance in life, often just fail at life. Form Librans, the lesson of this year is to maintain balance and ensure that they create more wholesome experiences in life.

You have to learn to balance between work and life, friends and family, money and hobbies, one relationship and another. Maintaining balance in this way can help you in reaching your best potential with ease. You need a balancing factor otherwise the negatives will be so huge that you will have a hard time in balancing your life completely.

This month, your health could be slightly weak. However, there is nothing too big happening. The maximum that could go wrong is chest pain or some minor digestive issue. If you already have a pre-existing condition related to these two areas, then be extra careful. Make sure that you are properly insulated and don’t expose yourself to cold winds.

Make sure that you are not careless about anything. You cold be lost in thoughts because of which you will not be able to focus fully. So be extra careful while signing papers, making new investments etc. At this time, the societal norms will be getting more important to you, even though it may not feel like personally fulfilling. So if you have done something like this, then the act would really bother you now.

You can stop things but if you can’t stop things from happening, then you should better learn to make the best of things. Learn to live with your decisions.

Bask in some sunshine and believe in God!

Scorpio Ascendant/Moon | वृश्चिक लग्न/राशि KarmaScopes December 2020

Few of us dream about a small cottage atop a quiet hill where we could just look at the sunrise and drink our tea in peace. Scorpio is looking at the same idea right now. They want tranquility and peace. A lot will happen with them through the month but when it comes to their peace of mind, no one will be able to get a piece of it.

This is going to be a relatively good month for you. The beginning could be slightly chaotic but the overall effects will be fine. This is the time where you have to avoid being complacent and address all the issues that have been bothering you for long-especially thos of an emotional nature.

This is a time you would like to take a break from things and live a quiet existence. You will have a good time in terms of career. There are chances that you will find a new and rewarding opportunity as well. Your problem solving capacity will be at the highest right now. Highly likely that you are able to give a brand new career direction to your life by the end of the year.

If you are married, then you will have a good time towards the second half of the month. Singles must acknowledge that they have some kind of emotional issues that need to be sorted out before they find someone.

There are no serious health issues but fevers could be likely. You may have some arguments with an elder but that is unlikely to affect your peace of mind. There will be some surprise expenses as well. So plan for contingencies in advance.

Sagittarius Ascendant/Moon | धनु लग्न/राशि KarmaScopes December 2020

When the focus is extensively on the self, it becomes very easy to make professional accomplishments but equally difficult to make personal relationships work. Sagittarius could have a hard time in defining boundaries this month, especially in the second half.

This is a special month for people with Sagittarius Ascendant or Moon. Your entire focus will be on yourself which will help you in making some big changes in your life. So if you have been thinking of making some positive changes in life, try acting on them right now. This is a good time but make sure you understand the difference between self-centeredness, selfishness and outright narcissism.

Any place where you have to make your own efforts like studying or a project where you have to put in extensive personal efforts will be very fruitful for you. If you work at places where others have to work for you, make sure you treat them well.

Be very careful with money during this month. In fact, you should already start doing some level of financial planning to avoid any pitfalls or financial traps in the future. You are ready to face challenges, but don’t do it in a stupid fashion.

Foreign sources of money will be good for you as well. Avoid exerting yourself physically beyond an extent. Take very good care of your relationships. Be careful while travelling as you may feel ill because of that.

Capricorn Ascendant/Moon | मकर लग्न/राशि December KarmaScopes 2020

A chaotic mind can experience a lot but may not enjoy what it is experiencing. If your energies are not used properly, they could easily be distracted. December will bring you promotions in your job and even in your business. You will be gaining some good monetary gains and will be enjoying the fruits of your labor. However, your mind will be busy somewhere else.

If someone is ill in your family, specially your mother, you will be able to get rid of this issue this month. This is the time when you have to start sowing the seeds that you want to reap in the future. Forget everything that happened to date and do something else. Make sure you don’t fight with people.

Come closer to your mother and mother figures in your life. This will be useful in keeping you away from emotional issues and giving you a strong emotional foundation.

If you have made any long plans for your future, they may not materealize the way you want them to. However, this doesn’t mean that things will be bad. It simply means that God has other plans for you. You may want to look at alternative sources.

Married Capricorns should work on their relationships while others should expected to fall head over heels for someone who resembles your mother or has a motherly nature in general.

Aquarius Ascendant/Moon | कुम्भ लग्न/राशि December KarmaScope 2020

Aquarius ascendants and moons (especially moons) are feeling unusually productive this month. They will definitely be working out extra hours, trying to make the most of their time and burning themselves out completely in the process. Having said that, December is going to be a very fruitful month for Aquarians that will bring good news for them as well as their loved ones, especially siblings.

This is a good time for your career and your focus will be on bringing out maximum productivity. You will be working extra hours and trying to make the most of the 24 hours you have in a day. This will definitely bring you some good results soon. Just don’t forget that everyone has limited energy and that must not be overused day after day. Make sure that you stop whenever you see the first signs of breakdowns.

This time will bring great results for your siblings. They will be blessed with financial gains and may also be able to acquire some new assets. Be very careful in matters of love. It is likely that you would feel like you are walking on eggshells but that is definitely not the case. You are being over cautious. It would be better to be a little more vulberable and expose your softer side to the one you love- appreciate them and try to share a sweeter moment instead of launching yourself on them with your opinions. Singles may start a new relationship, although it wold be better to take the slow and steady route.

You may get an offer that would be difficult to refuse. However, before saying yes, you should ensure that you weigh in on the consequences of the decision. You stand to lose something for something you gain. You need to tell yourself whether losing it would be worth it.

Take good care of your back. It could be in trouble. Do not overexert.

Pisces Ascendant/Moon | मीन लग्न/राशि KarmaScopes December 2020

Pisces was in the need of a direction and many of them are not realizing that they are currently undergoing a change in direction. This is a time where they can easily influence their fate, so being aware always helps.

In the Pisces Lagna video, I told you all that Pisces risings go through at least one flip in life. It is highly likely that you are taking that flip right now. This change is not going to be too dramatic. There is no ‘one big thing’ that may happen and change the course of your life. However, the change will be felt in many small ways.

You will be getting good results in terms of work- whether you are a student, self employed, unemployed or a businessperson. Your confidence will be high and you will definitely note a change in your ways. You will have ample money in your hands and investments made earlier will now be bearing their full results. You will be going forward and sharing some of your good fortune with your family as well.

If you were stuck in one work for a very long time, then it is likely that the work will finally make some progress. Do not expect it to gain full speed right now. Try to save more during this time. Your family life will be good and you will be able to spend great time with family. You have to make sure that you take care of your hands and feet. Don’t let them get dry.

It is a good time for intimate relationships. Singles may be getting ready to be in love while those already married or in a relationship, should look forward to ensuring that they don’t last out at their partner.

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