THAP S1E6- Aries Ascendant/Rising Sun

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A very, very warm welcome to the Holistic Astrology Podcast from Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology. Here we discuss  astrology in a more wholesome and holistic light and try to understand its deepest concepts in the simplest way possible. This is Season 1, Episode 6 and today we will discuss the Aries ascendant.

Let’s begin with understanding some basic qualities about Aries.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and also the first sign ruled by Mars. The sign is associated with beginning and pioneering. It believes in starting afresh, charting unknown territory, going where no man has ever set foot, doing things no one has ever done. Aries is all about that breakout year, that breakout song and that breakout hit.
Aries tells us about the possibilities that haven’t been explored yet.

It also represents creation. It represents the cosmic beginning. The analogy here is very simple. The universe is called Brahmanda in Hindi and Sanskrit which literally means the cosmic egg. To break out of this shell and to create new life, you need that primary, raw life force that can come via Mars- the planets that stands for muscular power, for strength and vitality.

To be born in this world, we need the same vitality. The human baby goes through immense struggles in the womb of his mother and goes through pain and great pressure of the body to finally take birth. Aries represents this creation. It tells us that the beginning may be raw, forceful, full of pressure, stressful and even chaotic but it could lead to something beautiful.
Think about all the people who pioneered in travel by sea and discovered new islands. Think about the first people who settled in new lands. Think about people who take refuge in foreign lands and those who end up in new places for new beginnings.

Now let’s understand a little about Mars, the ruler of Aries.
Mars is a planet of strength and vitality. It represents your blood and muscles and the weekday dedicated to the planet is Tuesday. Mars is also associated with Bhagwan Kartikeya and Hanuman ji.
Aries represents the positive modality of Mars and gives you the strength to go into the direction of your dreams. Aries is a fire sign, it has that firepower to make things happen. Sometimes Aries are impulsive as well, but their optimism, masculinity and their ability to take quick decisions is what is inspiring about them.
Aries ascendant people could easily be identified in the crowd. Generally, you will find them with fire-type faces, with a prominent chin and often a good nose. Despite a hardened look, they maintain a childlike charm in their eyes, because they are quite literally the babies of the zodiac.  They usually have very strong bones and muscles and usually don’t put on a lot of weight, at least in the early parts of life.
Aries people will either become the biggest materialists or the biggest philosophers. They start life with a blank slate which allows them to chose life. However, what I have normally seen is that they start life as that child who has an immense sense of self and eventually become people who have an immense self of the world. Obviously, they will learn only by making mistakes.
Mars gives them an ability to fight for what they believe is right. They have the single-minded focus of a decorated soldier that allows them to hit the bull’s eye whenever they give their 100%.

Aries people need to learn to balance their lives. They often learn the art of diplomacy the hard way. In fact, you will find many Aries people outright hating diplomacy of any kind because to them the truth and straightforward relationships matter more than peace and flowers. In love, they are wonderful but it would be futile to play with their very fragile hearts. When they fall in love, they give their all. Usually, they wouldn’t be in a relationship if they weren’t genuinely interested. But beware, they are quick to realize when things are turning sour.
I have met  Aries people who are meek and very polite in general but when they work… OMG. you should see their energy. And yes… Aries is never short of energy. They make really good sportsmen too and in general, they like to use their powerful Martian muscles a lot. These people need a lot of fresh air and would deteriorate in physical and mental health if not given enough of the sun and fresh air.
However, the placements of planets, the aspects of different planets and the relative strength of planets also mean that Aries personality traits express themselves negatively. In that case, you may come across the man-child, the whiny person who complains about everything, the  person who would deliberately go south when asked to go north and someone who is always frustrated with the world and wondering why things don’t go according to them. They could also become high strung, anxious and may lose their mind if you place their favorite teddy bear an inch to the right.

Now, let’s learn how to make the best of your life if you are an Aries ascendant.
It is really easy. The strength and brute force of Aries needs a touch of Libra. It has to learn about maintaining a balance in life. This Libran sense of balance helps an Aries person avoid becoming a lopsided personality. It also allows them to see the world as it is and not as they want it. It is also useful for those hard-headed Aries who like to hammer their way into life when all they had to do was talk.
Aries will also do well in life if they learn the art of speaking their mind, but politely.  It would be worthwhile to check where Mars is placed in your horoscope, what is the position of the sun and moon and what is the degree of your ascendant to get the most accurate predictions about you.
You were born to experience earth, enjoy its riches, feel at home in a jungle or near the beach, travel, hike, explore and see all there is to see. You are the true wanderers, the real pioneers of life and the people who help in changing the tide when the time is right. Always remember that.

That was the smallest and simplest explanation that I could provide for Aries Ascendant or rising sign. Hope you understood your basic nature and the foundation of your character in this episode.
Next week, we will talk about Taurus Ascendant/Rising Sun. So keep listening and may Ma Bhagwati Bless you!

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