The Holistic Astrology Podcast- S1E7- Taurus Ascendant/Rising Sign [English]

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A very, very warm welcome to the Holistic Astrology Podcast from Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology. Here we discuss  astrology in a more wholesome and holistic light and try to understand its deepest concepts in the simplest way possible. This is Season 1, Episode 7 and today we will discuss the Taurus ascendant.

Let’s begin with understanding some basic qualities about Taurus.
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by Venus and signifies the home, the assets, wealth of the family, family environment, your willingness to communicate and much more. Taurus is a fixed sign that is signified by the bull- showing the sheer strength of will that this sign stands for.
Taurus talks about childhood home, fixed patterns of the mind, hard work and  the results that this work produces.
Taurus is all about enjoying their things, but mostly inside their own homes. They prefer to order food instead of going out to a fancy restaurant. They like to express themselves in a more subtle and sometimes, totally invisible way. I have said this thing in my Hindi Youtube video on Taurus ascendant as well that getting a Taurus wife would be a jackpot for men looking for artistically designed homes and a conservative family ethic.

There is one thing I find truly fascinating about Taurus men. They are built like bulls and they eat like one too. I mean, the only possible way to a Taurus man’s heart is through his stomach, or let’s say his food pipe. They love food. The more delicious, the better. But let me remind you that these are not men who will send a few hundred dollars over a gold foil icecream of some type. They love delicious, fresh food and would be extra happy if the quantity is significant.
Taurus women are particularly good at householding. They could be your typical nice-wives, managing all the different chores around the house and smiling and providing a very homely and comfortable environment for you to thrive in.
Both men and women are adorable but have a very hard time in expressing themselves. So whether they love you or hate you, they probably will not be able to express it outright to you. They may wait untill they can’t hold it anymore and then just explode. But let me tell you this, their patience is incredible. They will not  explode once every year.  This is more like a once in a lifetime moment.

What I have also notice with Taurus people is that when they are young, their mind is ripe for sowing seeds. Taurus kids develop patterns in childhood that last throughout their lives. So if they go through a bad or troubled childhood, highly likely that they will carry those patterns into old age. So it is very important for these chlildren to be provided a very caring atmosphere. Remember, I told you that Taurus naturally governs the second house of childhood and childhood home. So its only natural that they put significance importance on childhood, their early life, their early experiences in friendship and love and so on and so forth.
What is particularly interesting that Taurus men and women have a really hard time in letting go. They just can’t. In the most typical Taureans, you will find a tendency to hold on to things. Like some of them don’t even change their phones and laptops. They love their patterns.
They like it when they have a routine, no matter how strict or old. They are those old school, slightly conservative, family oriented, god fearing people who just want to come back to comfort.

Taures men and women, ironically, fall for people who are their exact opposites. The stable and mentally tough Taurus men fall for the women who are drama personified. The most beautiful and docile good girl Taurus women falls for the bad guy. A certain flair for drama, loud emotions and other such things kind of entertains and attracts a Taurus.  But they will not chnage for the sake of their partners. They can only chnage slowly and only if you have a very gentle attitude towards them. Force them and they will literally throw you off. A Taurus doesn’t joke around you know. It is a powerful animal.

So, that’s all I have for Taurus today. It has been really busy since October and I am wondering how will I ever be able to make up for the sudden changes in my schedule. I think, when it comes to schedules, I am a bit of a Taurus . [chuckles]
So that’s all. If you can understand Hindi, go ahead to my YouTube Channel- Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology nd you will get a lot more information on the sign in my Taurus Ascendant video.
See you next week!

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