The Effect of Rahu Ketu Transit on All 12 Signs

30 minutes

Rahu Ketu Pisces-Virgo Transit Effects on all 12 signs can be seen as they move from Aries-Libra axis to the Pisces-Virgo axis on October 30, 2023.

Today we will be discussing the effects of Rahu and Ketu transit in Pisces and Virgo on all 12 signs. You always ask in comments and I always tell you that these signs can be seen via both lagna and moon. However, I prefer to see the Moon. You can choose to see it as you like it. Okay?

And since Rahu and Ketu are forever retrograde, let’s start with pisces. 


For Pisceans, this is an interesting transit since everything is happening in your 1st and 7th house. Obviously, it will be impossible for you to completely get rid of the effects of this transit. 

Rahu will be in your first house, making you a lot more self-oriented. However, here, you won’t be this self-centred person who is growing selfish by the day. Instead, you would want to focus more on the spiritual and mystical side of things. You will feel everything a lot more intensely. So if you are sad, you could be very sad. If you are happy, you could be very happy. If you are sick and tired of the orthodox dogmatic practices, this is the right time to get rid of them. Now, remember there is a difference between traditional and orthodox. What is orthodox could be traditional, but what is traditional may not always be orthodox or dogmatic. You can even become warriors of change, either with yourself, your family or even your community. Who knows a Pisces person even ends up changing the world. 

Ketu will be in your 7th house, which means that you will be able to get rid of your extremely attached behaviours. Remember, I told you in the last video that there will be people who will break taboos and people who will hold on to their old beliefs like crazy. You will be the first category of people. You will want to break away from things. If you have been away from healing, astrology, gurus. Gods etc, you will now go towards them. Your daily life or friend circle will now include people who are more spiritually active and others might not be able to take up a lot of your time and energy. In fact, you will notice a change in the way you behave with people. You will be a lot more interested in becoming a spiritually inclined person. So that will be wonderful. Plus, you will also be able to get rid of long term diseases. Make an effort in that direction. Your mind will also become more analytical. 


Hello fellow Aquarians. Rahu will be in your 2nd house and Ketu in 8th. 

With the position of Rahu, you will become more inclined towards people who you share mutual interests with, specially people who you have known for a very long time. So you may want to create joint treasuries with them. SOme of you may want to earn some assets or some money, some others may want to create a legacy. For instance, you know that I like to help children with what I earn but you know one person is not enough. So I was thinking, why don’t I create a formal organisation that can fulfil my goals and you know my family and my friends could help me in getting funds and pool our resources and all. The only hindrance is time and paperwork. God I hate paperwork. Let’s see when that happens. 

Now remember that Rahu also rules Aquarius which means that Rahu now wants to focus on people who can help the Aquarius native gain resources, information etc. Your ambition is going to go higher and higher during this time. Your social status may also rise during this time and you may become a lot more prominent within your family or community. However, you have to be very careful about what you eat. Don’t eat a lot of junk food. And do not smoke. Stop trying to control things. Because things will be completely out of control for you. You will be doing very well for your family values. In protecting and promoting them. So the opposite of Pisces. 

Ketu will be in your 8th house. Now this Ketu doesn’t like gatekeepers. It wants to dive deep into mysteries. It wants to understand the occult, learn astrology and find out the truth about life. You may also want to learn a lot more about your family, your lineage, where you came from and such. This is actually a Ketu that can make you feel lost. You may go so deep into the study of a particular subject, that you stop interacting with the outside world like usual. Which is not wrong, Just different. 

Remember that Aquarius is actually getting a very interesting set of challenges here because Rahu is in its own sign and Ketu is in its own natural house i.e. 8th house. You may want to change your look, your identity and may not really want to indulge with the world. Which makes me wonder? What should be the ideal look for me? ANyway, Ketu here may also not speak when the time is right. So it may prefer to keep quiet even if it has knowledge. It will dislike people who do not share information but at the same time, it will also not share everything. 


The Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn will get a lot of guidance from others, sometimes via signs and symbols. 

Rahu will be in your 3rd house and it will make you work, write, code or do something similar that helps communication. This time, you really have to put all your efforts into making communication happen. Do it in any way possible, but just do it. You will do better if you get opportunities for short travels. Even weekend getaways will be better for you. The Capricorn born usually has a conventional outlook on life but this time, the focus is on causing disruption. It’s like pitching a startup to an investor, telling them how you aim to disrupt a particular market. 

You will be inclined towards spending time with your friends, siblings, cousins and people who are like siblings- like close coworkers. Rahu cannot handle tiring and cumbersome conventions when placed here. So he needs to work with like minded people of a similar age to ensure that it remains calm and feels wanted. You could actually enter into business partnerships or such with the father or your husband or wife. This interest could also be channelled towards your in-laws who are of a similar age or background. 

On the other hand, Ketu will be placed in your 9th house. This means dissolution of old identities and old belief systems. However, in your case, it could be a lot more intense. You may just get rid of an old ideology that you held on to for years and may now want to move onto something different. For instance, you could have been a firm religious person following the playbook but now you are more of an atheist and occasionally want to share these experiences with the world. Or Maybe, the opposite could happen. You could be an atheist who suddenly finds God and then becomes a preacher or whatever makes sense to you. You could be deeply affected by a book or you could find a charismatic speaker and they may change your life. Even one interaction is enough. You don’t have to become their follower but they will have an impact on your life.Finally, you may not spend too much on religious affairs. 


For Sagittarians, this will be a period of finishing things up. Just like how you wrap up everything before you start something new. Rahu will be transiting your 4th house while Ketu will be transiting your 10th house. 

With Rahu on the 4th, you will be all about acquiring properties and beautifying your home. You want your home to look beautiful, inviting and also very luxurious. So of course, if you have been planning to buy a house for a very long time, you must think about doing it. Since this is a hidden house and a house that connects with your deep subconscious, you may have to come face to face with your own shortcomings. There could be old issues and even problematic events that you may think about and this time, you will think that you are to be blamed for everything. 

Remember, Rahu here will also talk about comforts. So problems related to comforting yourself from physical and especially emotional pain using food, or shopping or such could be seen. So you may use shopping and the novelty of buying stuff to keep yourself entertained for a short while to get rid of the pain and it eventually gets back to you. My suggestion is to avoid such behaviour and ask for help. And when you finally get help, make sure to follow your doctor or therapist. 

With Ketu in the 10th house, it may be futile to start new things. In fact, you follow this in both small and big things. So buying a house that you have been planning for a couple years is okay. But starting a new venture because you feel like you will lose out if you don’t is a bad idea. Sagittarians have a habit to go for thrills and adventure. But please don’t be too adventurous with your financial resources during this time. Be calm and collected and do not make impulsive decisions like you do. Look before you leap. 


Have you been thinking about colouring your hair red or wearing blue lipstick or doing anything else that may make you stand out in the crowd? Well, Scorpio, this is because of your good old friends Rahu and Ketu. 

Rahu will be transiting in your 5th house while Ketu, your co-lord will be in the 11th house. Now Rahu is a planet that is sick and tired of the old you. It doesn’t want to look the same, talk the same or act the same and it is highly likely that you end up making some considerable changes to your thinking, philosophy and especially your appearance. This time, you don’t want to be caged. You don’t want tags and labels. And if possible, the only tag you would want is “oh he is a rebel” or “hey she is so unique she stands out.” You are done playing with your feelings of self-victimisation and you are feeling like a Queen. And what do queens do, they slay. So you will do the same. In your mind, this is your time to shine like the diamond you are and you will not let anyone else come and take away your spotlight. 

You may actually get recognized for it as well. But this will not be very long term recognition, not a legacy builder. But yeah! With a little effort you get to be the talk to town. Let me take an example. Let’s say you are born in a town that doesn’t know about hair colour. Everyone has black hair, which becomes grey eventually. But you somehow figured out that you can dye your hair and you dyed it blue. If people saw you, they would lose their mind and there would be a polarised reaction. Some will love you, some will hate you, some will worship you. But will the dye eventually fade out, yes. Will the novelty eventually wear off, yes. At that time, decide whether you want to keep dyeing your hair or go do something else. But for now, enjoy the spotlight without becoming too rash. 

Ketu’s the co lord of your sign and it will be in your 11th house. From here, Ketu may have a lot of unfulfilled dreams. Maybe you had completely unrealistic expectations and dreams and of course they never got fulfilled. Maybe you wanted to go and land on the moon which is not possible as of now. You are not even an astronaut. Your desires could actually be fueled by bad company. So since Rahu is looking for its fame and uniqueness, you may find friends who are completely disinterested in your well-being and eventually end up with a bad taste in your mouth. So choose your friends carefully. 

Do not feel like you need to move away from the world to make some kind of magical gains. Don’t sever your ties with the people you know for long, who love and care for you, just to fall into the trap of those who just want to take advantage of you. If you stay grounded and anchored, you will be able to make money and use it for the right purpose while also getting your fame and social status.


Librans are going in for a complete change, specially on the spiritual side. For you, Rahu will be in the 6th house and Ketu will be in the 12th house. 

Rahu in 6th, can make you take on loans and debt. And both small and large debts will be a big problem for you. Now, I understand that if you have planned well then taking a loan for a house or any other big asset that remains with generations can be done well. But Rahu here can really skew that vision and make you feel like the only good way to get things done is to take on a quick debt and that’s that. However, things can be much better if you are not careless. Instead, I would advise you to first get rid of the smallest of debts you have. Even credit card debt. Just erase it. And you will be fine. 

However, this is a good placement for those who want to fight their shadripu or the six evils within us like greed, anger and such. You can use yogic practices like yoga and pranayam to get the full benefits of these practices. However, avoid overdoing things like Rahu usually makes you. Sit down and relax. There is absolutely no need to rush and you do not have to get things done right now. So you don’t have to sit in meditation for 1 hour. Sit for 5 minutes. Because if you truly meditate, those 5 minutes will feel like eternity. If you just watch the clock to show off, you are going nowhere. The bad decisions you have taken in life, not the big ones, but the small everyday decisions that you made that have now piled up as one big issue will give you sleepless nights. So how do you finish a huge plateful of food? One bite at a time. 

Ketu will be in your 12th house, which could increase your faith in God or the universe. But at the same time, you also become prone to believing that you don’t hold agency in making your own decisions. Now you are aware that you do have some agency. It is also likely that you are not really following in the footsteps of your ancestors. On the surface, you are doing everything that they did but you are not in the same mental state or the inspiration of your actions is not the same. Your dreams may be bringing you some messages but you are too involved elsewhere to actually take a look. If you have been given some guidance by your ancestors, you follow it to a T instead of being haphazard about it. However, again, it can give great results with meditation if only you take it slow and easy. 


This is the second sign that will be affected greatly because of the Rahu-ketu transit. Rahu will be in your 7th house while Ketu will be in your 1st house. 

Rahu in the 7th house could be quite a troublemaker as it makes you influenced with people very easily. You may find yourself getting attracted to and deeply obsessed by something for a while, only to let go and find something newer and more ambitious. Like maybe you watch anime. You watch one and you go crazy about one particular voice actor and their skills and you appreciate them so much that you watch every other anime that they featured in. But then, you come across the manga purists and they are like… oh! You don’t know what happened in chapter 389 of that manga and you are like. Damn! I have to read those mangas now and you buy all the volumes you could get your hands on. 

You may also be looking for people who you can be friends with. I am not talking about those long lasting heart to heart friendships. I am talking about people who you hang out with and those who alleviate your social status. That’s correct. You want to be cool by association. You want to be seen with people who can make you look good too. So that’s why you would seek out people who are wiser, richer, lead better lives or those who could simply provide you a lot of social currency without bothering a bit. You may find it interesting to do so with people who come from a different culture specifically. This could be useful in your career but I hope you maintain the dignity of friendship. It is always a two way street built on trust. 

Your Ketu will be in the 1st house. Take sure steps, physically. Often Ketu in the 1st house could make you feel out of balance, both physically and mentally. So mentally you may not feel entirely attached to anything and losses may not register properly in your brain. You may want to feel like you have your identity and your existence is not a matter of self, but a matter of others. Physically too, you may actually lose balance and may fall a lot. You may have an increased desire to marry and completely change yourself for the sake of another. It’s like a famous TV personality who came from a neighbouring country and completely took on the identity of a regular person here in India. Indian news watchers may know what I am talking about. 

I usually try to avoid taking names because people are complex and we don’t really know their charts so it is wrong in general to pass judgements. However, an ordinary woman marrying a prince and then completely transforming herself to fit into the mould of a princess is what Ketu in the first house could be like. However, marriages here are not very harmonious and you have to focus on the status part of marriage a lot more than the love and trust part. Of course this changes from person to person giving their kundlis, but that’s the general outlook. And it’s not just mariage. It could happen in a business partnership or if you are looking for richer, cooler friends too. 

My only strong suggestion for you is to practise what you preach. You cannot believe in one thing and do the exact opposite because it is convenient for you. 


You may have heard about finding yourself with your back against the wall and then suddenly flipping the whole situation to come out victorious. It is a very typical leonine fantasy and you might be able to live through it. 

Rahu will be transiting your 8th house and Ketu will be transiting your 2nd house. Because of the placement of Rahu, you are not really in the mood to let things slide. You will be using your reasoning faculties and come to fairly logical conclusions, even if they are not the best emotionally. You will finally identify the problems in your life and slowly the source of those problems as well. It will happen slowly but it will happen for sure. And then you will be taking some sure steps to come out of your misery. You know you can do it and you probably don’t even need anyone else’s help in making things happen for you. 

Right now, you could be very interested in astrology and making hidden knowledge work for you. For instance, even with astrology, if you go to the right person, you can realise your strengths and weaknesses and work according to them easily. So it’s hidden knowledge that is not available to everyone. You will like that a lot. This will make you feel empowered and can have a positive impact too. Just make sure that when you indulge in these subjects you don’t opt for the delusional and negative aspects of such things. 

Interestingly, you may not be interested in sharing a piece of your mind with anyone. You have a feeling that no one needs to know about your self growth or how you plan to live your life. You may not share your finances, your relationships etc with family members or friends and even if you do, you may end up omitting the details. 

With ketu in the 2nd house, you need to be very practical about what you are eating and speaking. Do not eat stale food. No frozen pizzas, no pre-made meals for you. Try to eat freshly homemade meals and eat processed, frozen or premade foods only when you truly have no option. If you don’t do that, you could end up with problems in your urino-genital region. Also, no smoking and try to limit your exposure to air pollution. 

With such a placement, it becomes important for a person to avoid holding on to things. You don’t have to hold on to a relationship or a person. You don’t even have to feel emotionally connected to something related to your childhood that you have lost. I know a few people who just can’t get their childhood home out of their mind and they are constantly stuck in the past. If you do the same, try to focus on the future. Don’t look backwards. Look forward to it. 


I think Cancerians are going to run the religion and philosophy youtube in the next 18 years. And just like Scorpio, you will also feel the need to change or update your appearance, especially withs something unique. Rahu will be transiting your 9th house and Ketu will be in your 3rd. 

With the presence of Rahu in the 9th, you may feel an incredible urge to le*arn more about religion and spirituality. Not like you want to become a pundit or a guru or anything. It’s just that your interest grows manifold in this field. And here too, you may love to listen to people who are from your own age groups instead of people who are actually older, more experienced and those who would give you more in depth knowledge. So right now, Cancerians could seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge. You want to know who was called what in Mahabharata and get to know smaller, secondary characters and their entire life histories instead of the message that is being conveyed by the main characters. 

You will be quite inclined to talk relentlessly about religion and philosophy and it may appear as if you are truly becoming more inclined to religion. You would also like to preach to other people and maybe attend spiritual and religious meetings as well. You may like to travel to attend religious events. Maybe someone is coming all the way to India to see the Holi celebrations in Braj. You may also be more inclined towards your own mother and her emotional issues and they may bother you a lot. 

Ketu will be transiting in your 3rd house. Here, you have to be careful in dealing with your siblings and even your peer circles. It may be likely that they have emotionally distanced themselves from you. So now even the tallest expectations and even the smallest ones are not getting fulfilled. Maybe you had a fight, maybe you made a decision that didn’t sit well with them but whatever it is, there will be some distance between you and them. You may think a lot but these thoughts might not lead to anything. The third house also shows the efforts you are making. So highly likely that you are thinking and chatting too much about things, but not really working on them. 

Also, you may not be able to communicate your thoughts clearly and can be frequently misunderstood. So watch out for that. My suggestion is to have clearer thoughts but not in your head. It is far better to write or draw on paper and see your thoughts from a detached point of view to realise why exactly you are right or wrong. otherwise , you could be getting irritated because i couldn’t say what you wanted to say and then irritated a bit further because people misunderstood. 


What have you been waiting for till date? It’s going to come rushing to you. Gemini will be experiencing the Rahu-Ketu axis on the 10th and 4th house of their kundli. This time, the Gemini native can really shine if they want. But do they really want to shine? And that too for long?

Imagine a person who wanted to be an actor and participated in local theatre. They were very good teachers but loved drama too. One day a casting agent saw their performance and sent them to Hollywood. Lo and behold! This person acts in one movie and becomes a breakout star. There are people waiting in line for an autograph. There are managers and awards shows and some endorsement offers. This person loves the blitz and the drama but then is easily bored. There is no thrill in what;s happening. SO now they want to tell the world what happens behind the scenes and write a tell-all book. So now they are actors and authors, who are former teachers. This is precisely what is happening with Rahu in your 10th house. 

This Rahu loves attention and likes to be in leadership roles. It hates to be confined to positions where it is subservient to others. It would rather break the queue and stand as the first in line to get what it wants. This Rahu has no regard for hierarchies or how much time and money people have spent in getting things. It wants things and it gets them too quickly. Gemini people will also have a similar outlook now. They are tired of waiting and now want to show the world their true potential. They have a good dose of FOMO ie.. fear of missing out. So they are not interested in waiting in line any longer. They will go ahead and grab what they believe is their own. 

The problem here is that thrills don’t last too long and as a person who is seeking this constant dopamine rush, you may have a crisis on achieving even the smallest of your goals. What now? What nxt? Am I even interested? What am I really doing? I have achieved this, now what? So Rahu is not at ease and then seeks a new thrill. This is a good time to make professional progress, So make sure you grab this opportunity with both hands and stay steady. 

Ketu will be transiting your 4th house because of which there will be some apathy towards your mother, your home and even your own subconscious thoughts. Your mother may actually become the voice of your subconscious and you may hate it. She will reveal your deepest fears and issues for you, which you have been trying to avoid anyway. So there could be a tug of war between these emotions and the achievement of Rahu. You would simply want to do whatever it takes to be on top and most likely get there but you may not be paying enough attention at home, You will hear but you may not listen. 

Insecurities will rise and you may want to desperately hold on to some sort of identity. You have to take great care of your mother’s health. At the same time, you may want to focus on building empathy. It will save you from trouble. 


What if you open your eyes to a completely new world where you meet new people and find new opportunities? This could be the result of Rahu transiting your 11th and Ketu transiting your 5th house. 

With Rahu on the 11th, you are now looking at new ways to communicate with new people. Whatever has been a part of your life to date is no longer valid and you want something different in life now. You will be inclined towards making friends in far away lands and finding common grounds that help you connect. You may also enter completely new fields where you may enrich your experiences by meeting a completely new set of people. You may want to gain knowledge and status by associating with these people. The 11th Rahu is also not someone that talks to everybody. Even though it likes the idea of people communicating with each other without boundaries, it will specifically focus on the people who have attained something. If this Rahu does not respect you enough, it will not talk to you at all. 

This Rahu will be able to make quick gains in various fields and will generally be regarded as intelligent. But I don’t really like the slow and steady approach. You may be focusing too much on making money and connections now instead of getting things done in the long run, for the benefit of everyone. You have to focus on leaving a legacy behind. 

Your Ketu will be in the 5th house, and may be scattered in the way it presents its creative aspects. Even in the case of children, they may not really know what to do. Even when communicating, this Ketu fails to adopt a filter and just blurts out everything at once. So unless this Ketu is strong enough, it could be taken for a ride by the Rahu in the 11th, which wants to make gains quickly. However, if the Ketu here is centred and performs well, it could actually be more sane and help you in becoming a lot more deliberate and mindful in your actions. Sometimes, all you need to do is keep quiet. The problem here is this Ketu can keep quiet for years and then suddenly speak so much that it kind of creates issues, 


Finally we talk about Aries. Rahu and Ketu have just left your abode and now Rahu will be transiting your 12th house and Ketu will be transiting your 6th house. 

With Rahu on the 12th, you suddenly want to change your routines now. What worked till yesterday may no longer work today. This can happen in both voluntary and involuntary ways. So maybe you suddenly start thinking about waking up earlier or maybe your shift changes from the day shift to the night shift and now you have to manage your routine likewise. 

You will start receiving some guidance from the universe. You may find nature, animals and the likes very meaningful. You can see angel numbers and probably understand how they function a lot better during this time. Basically, Aries is a sign that is more about what it desires to do. Right now, it will be all about “what the universe wants me to do.” You may want to think about the ways in which you are connected to this world. You may want to travel abroad, especially for spiritual reasons. Let’s say you want to meet a guru who lives in a far away land. You may want to book your tickets and meet them. This is the nature of Rhau here. It is very inclined towards the metaphysical or the mystical and it likes being in sanctuary spaces or in spaces where it can meet gurus. Real gurus, not the gaudily dressed, cryptic, I know about everything from technology to finances, kind of guru. 

Ketu in your 6th house may make you a little less specific about your daily life. Aries in general are very specific and deliberate but Ketu here may make them take themselves less seriously. Right now, they are focused on an entirely different level on entirely different things. But there is a catch here. Since Aries lose their deliberate touch, they may often end up with people or in situations where they would never want to be. So while you are looking up, don’t trip and fall in the biggest puddle you could find. 

A lot of spiritual gurus focus on this idea of absolute love and trust and devotion. Which is not wrong but it is eventually absolute and hence must not be questioned. So being an absolute septic is bad, you have to trust people. But being someone who has thrown due diligence to the gutter and now expects things to just happen in the most positive way is also wrong. Don’t say that the universe will handle it. You are not a toddler and the universe is not your mother who will know when to feed you.

So learn all the spirituality you want but take it slow. Don’t lose your sense of judgement or balance and don’t do things you wouldn’t usually do because of absolute faith in a person who talks about everything in absolute terms. That is not you. 

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