Mercury in Sagittarius: November 27, 2023

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Mercury could not handle the heat that Mars and the Sun were bringing into Scorpio and had to move out. Guess where it lands? In the equally hot territory of Sagittarius, our prince is now stuck between a wall and a well. Find out what this means for us. 

The basics of Mercury’s transit in Sagittarius

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Today we are discussing Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury will move here on November 27. On December 13, it will go retrograde and enter Scorpio again on December 28. Then, on January 7, it will come back to Sagittarius. In the last video, we talked about Mercury’s sprint out of Scorpio and how the planet wanted to get rid of the hypermasculine and fixed influence of the Sun and Mars. It has to go back and forth on its commitments now and rethink everything. 

For now, we will focus on Mercury’s entry into Sagittarius and its retrogression in Scorpio. 

When Mercury enters Sagittarius, it will be a very lonely but hot place. Sagittarius is a fire sign and the natural 9th house, owned by another masculine planet, Jupiter. The good news is Jupiter’s general benefic nature, which allows Mercury some breathing space. 

Mercury wants to learn without light

Here, Mercury will try to be more flexible and learn new things, especially those related to religion, philosophy, and doctrines of different natures. However, since Mercury is lonely here, it is likely that it would not find the right support or the right guideline. You may see people learning about things. 

I will give you an example. Ramayan and its easy Hindi translation are very easily available. We all know the story of Ramayan by heart, and we can probably accurately recall names and events too. Now suddenly, you are interested in Ramayan. But instead of actually reading it, you go and listen to podcasts that explain Ramayan to you.

Or you want to hear the backstories of Shabri and Jambvant and not really understand the essence of Ramayan, which is Ram’s willpower and how he became Purushottam. Do you look at it that way? No.

The same goes for other disciplines as well. There will be a lack of guiding light. However, you will be able to find it and really connect with it around the middle of December. So getting started is still key. 

Mercury wants to get stuff done, right now

Sagittarius loves getting things done and finding new horizons. It wants to expand its knowledge, learn new things, and improve itself. It does not like to sit still or just tow a boring line. Sagittarius likes adventure. And Mercury can use some adventure too. So now Mercury will want to understand new things, touch upon subjects it had never thought about, or finally embark on a journey it only dreamed of. 

Mercury’s retrogression to Scorpio

Mercury will again be in a hurry to get things done. This is where the sun’s transit in Sagittarius could be helpful. The sun is majestic and acts as a guiding light for Mercury. It was looking for a stable process or a really complete answer, and the sun showed him where to find those answers. Mercury will now understand exactly what needs to be done and will have to move back to Scorpio between December 28 and January 7 to understand where it went wrong and also start afresh. 

Why am I talking about starting over? Because Scorpio and Sagittarius hold a gandanta. So Mercury now gets the sun’s support in a beneficent sign and finally learns his lessons. He corrects his mistakes and comes back to happily hop through Sagittarius again. 

But instead of being too dramatic and impulsive, our prince will be somber. 

Well, you know what? I was actually watching an old Shammi Kapoor movie called Prince a couple of days ago. I just watched on impulse, and you will see exactly the same scene playing out with Mercury too. It’s interesting, isn’t it? You always get signs, and you always know what will happen. 

This is because the outer world is always a reflection of our inner world. I have a beautiful series on this on my second channel, Bhagyashree Holistic Lifestyle, with angel numbers and animal symbolism. Go check it out. And if you want to talk to me, just visit The link is in the description as well as the comments. Take care!

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