Venus in Libra- November 30, 2023

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What do beautiful planets do when they go into their beautiful houses? They love it, obviously. This is exactly what Venus will do when it goes into its own sign of Libra. 

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The basics of Venus transiting in Libra

Venus will enter Libra on November 30 and stay here till December 25. During this time, the planet will be completely free from conjunctions, except obviously the moon. However, it will be in mutual 7th with Jupiter, who is currently in the sign of Aries and retrograding. 

While in Virgo, Venus was under the influence of Ketu. Virgo in general is not so conducive for Vnus in general. But Libra is always a breath of fresh air. Libra is an air sign and the natural 7th house. This is why the sign is connected to relationships, love, partnerships, and other people. Venus obviously loves this entire setup. 

Invoking more balance

The good news is that Venus enjoys its stay here. It will welcome all things that create balance in life. So now you can learn my philosophy of balancing the spiritual and the material. Hehe. Anyway. Since Venus is here, it will want to talk things over and create nice, polite, and diplomatic chatter.

The forces of the world that focus on harmonizing things instead of fighting about them will start getting more active. Whether or not they will succeed is a different story. But they will get active. 

Now, you will start seeing more balanced relationships. Countries, companies, and people themselves will want to renegotiate relationships in which both parties involved get nearly equal treatment.

Now, there is less focus on how one party gets exploited at the hands of the other. Now it is more about how two parties can come together and create amazing things together, enjoying the fruits of their labor together. So cooperation may increase in general. 

Venus loves indulging

Venus loves indulging in sweet and pleasurable things, and it will not stop when it enters Libra. In fact, these tendencies will grow. So people will focus more on enjoying and having more pleasurable experiences together. They will not do it alone but will do it in groups.

So going out, having fun, maybe watching movies, and generally just enjoying the fruits of life- this is the theme of Venus in Libra. You will develop an increased interest in artistic and cultural things as well. 

Women and marriage

This is a great time for getting married or finding a marital partner. Or even finding someone you love. If you are looking for an equal, not someone who can serve you or someone you want to serve, this is the right time for you to find that relationship.

Since Venus is all about women in our lives, especially romance, men will focus more on women who are equals. Who can love them with great devotion and demand equal love? Women who know how to talk, who are cultured, who can discuss poetry and art, and who are creative Women who are well versed in various subjects. Women themselves will want to find people who are on par with themselves. 

Remember, this happens on a subconscious level. So you are not actively seeking out someone who is an equal. You just find it, and subconsciously, you click. 

Jupiter and Venus have mutual aspects

Juputr and Venus are arch rivals, and they will be casting a mutual aspect at each other from mutula 7ths. This is not a bad position at all, as both are beneficial by nature. However, Jupiter is regraded, which means the focus on learning and exploring will be diminished a bit and the focus on experiencing and enjoying will increase. 

You will notice a similar pattern with Mercury in Sagittarius as well. Even though Mercury is willing to learn and explore, it isn’t really as involved as it should be. It will only get that strength when the sun moves close to it. Otherwise, it will be mostly clueless, scratching the surface, and hoping to find gold. 

Overall, if you like someone, go ahead and talk to them. Don’t be shy. Don’t worry if not all things are lined up. If your gut instinct is strong enough, go ahead and talk. The worse thing they can say is no. The worst they can say is that they are a “high quality woman” or an “alpha male.” So well, run in that case. But good luck. 

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