About Me

Hello my lovely Kindred Spirits. I am Neha, but I am more commonly known as Bhagyashree. I am the founder of Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology & Lifestyle.

Astrology has really only existed as a particular set of clothes, a specific tone of voice and lots of fancy necklaces, big bindis and tacky fashion (I swear). Ask any person about astrology, and they will immediately picture someone who has told them something awful about their birth charts that needs ‘rectification’ with costly remedies.

People often ask me with their mouths agape, “are you really an astrologer? You don’t look like one.”

Sorry I didn’t adhere to the dress code or the monstrosity that we call YouTube Thumbnails in red and yellow. 😀

I am looking at a different type of astrology that is Positive, Inspiring and above all, Holistic.

Since I was an adolescent, I have gained the knowledge of several disciplines- from traditional Indian astrology to western tropical zodiac, from numerology to tarot cards and from vastu to palm reading. I even crossed the Himalayan barrier to learn Chinese zodiac, the basics of Chinese medicine alongside Ayurveda and even Chinese face reading. Don’t worry. I am only a human who can’t help herself but read.

My thirst for knowledge and my professional task of consulting businesses has given me a unique blend of conceptual understanding and practical solutions. My approach to Holistic Astrology is a product of these experiences.

I strongly believe that the world is a connected whole. We are not entirely helpless. As rajoguna pradhan species, humans can easily mold the world around them and even try to experiment with their inner reality. Of course, what is written in our fate must come true but how we live our lives is a matter left solely to our discretion.

And this is where my astrology begins.

I developed Holistic Astrology to help propagate this idea- we are masters of our own lives, if not our destiny.

I also believe strongly in the Butterfly Effect. A small change in your karma and life here, could create a chain reaction of positivity across the globe. After all, as I said before, we are connected.

On my YouTube channels, you will see me discussing astrology, tarot, divination, angel numbers and many more disciplines in a never-seen-before-light. I also discuss esoteric principles in great detail.

The language is simple, because the concepts are simple too. Complicated is weak, simple is strong.

I am on a mission to educate and light several more candles of positive, inspiring and holistic astrology across the globe. I am also working extensively to help underprivileged children go to school and stay in school. In the future, I have plans to help bring beauty to the world via education of holistic principles and applying them practically in your life. All this happens via your consultations and the proceeds thereof.

My biggest ambition is to create a resident program for young minds, talented in various fields, and giving them opportunities, funds and support to flourish. Wouldn’t the world be a better place when we have more poets, more scholars, more comic book artists, more astronomers and rocket scientists?

Thank you so much for reading my story. Personally, I am a talkative girl with a creative heart who loves people watching. I can swing between incredibly shy and intimidatingly bold, in true Piscean fashion. At the same time, my head is always in the clouds like the hardcore Aquarian I am, thankfully with the feet firmly on the ground.

I am very adamant with my ambitions and very strong in terms of my values. I hope that my existence gives hope to your heart and I wish that my life leaves a legacy that continues to foster generations of new-age thinkers, creators, innovators, explorers and yes… quirky astrologers.

Join my journey… travel with me and let’s see how far we can go. I would love to reach the stars. 🙂

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