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  • #BhagyashreeDay 4th Anniversary

    A Special Day Is Here 🙂 and I will call it #BhagyashreeDay December 5 marks the 4th anniversary of Bhagyashree. On this day, in 2019, I received a divine inspiration of sorts to start making YouTube videos and telling people what I know or have experienced in astrology. Lo and behold! my first video was… Read more

  • December 2023 Horoscopes

    In December 2023, we will see action shifting into Sagittarius, a sign owned by Jupiter. This month, we will see two major planets come out of retrograde. The first is Neptune, and the second is Jupiter. However, this happens on New Year’s Eve, so obviously the results will mostly be visible next month. As usual,… Read more

  • Venus in Libra- November 30, 2023

    What do beautiful planets do when they go into their beautiful houses? They love it, obviously. This is exactly what Venus will do when it goes into its own sign of Libra.  Hello and welcome to Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology & Lifestyle On very high demand from you all, the Mini Makeover Plan January batch is… Read more

  • Mercury in Sagittarius: November 27, 2023

    Mercury could not handle the heat that Mars and the Sun were bringing into Scorpio and had to move out. Guess where it lands? In the equally hot territory of Sagittarius, our prince is now stuck between a wall and a well. Find out what this means for us.  The basics of Mercury’s transit in… Read more

  • Mercury Enters Scorpio, November 6, 2023

    Mercury’s entry into Scorpio will be helpful in increasing confidence, feeling more at ease, and also identifying hidden things. What more does Mercury bring to us when it goes to Scorpio? Let’s find out today as you dive deep with Bhagyashree Holistic Astrology.  Mercury will enter Scorpio on November 6th for a very short stay… Read more

  • Venus Enters Virgo To Catch Up With Ketu and Get Debilitated- 3 Nov 2023

    After courageously taking on the heat of Leo, Venus will be moving into Virgo on November 3rd. This transit will help Venus calm down and get some relief from the attention and focus of Leo on the care and nurture of Virgo. Still, Venus will engage in more internal conflicts, as it will get in… Read more



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