Brihat Kundli Reading


Brihat Kundli Reading provides you a 90-minute detailed and deep analysis of your kundli that answers unlimited questions and helps you in managing your life better. If self-improvement is your goal, this the option you should be looking for.


For those looking for a deep and detailed analysis of your kundli, the Brihat Kundli reading provides a perfect option. This reading contains a very detailed analysis of your kundli and its 16 sub-charts alongside answers to an unlimited number of questions.


The reading is popular among people who are looking for detailed guidance on their life, career, relationships and more. Apart from answers to your questions, you also get to simple remedies and practical karmic solutions that will help you in making the most of your readings.

All this happens in a positive, inspiring and supportive atmosphere where you can learn and grow to your maximum potential.

Video calling option is enabled via Google Meet.

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