Comprehensive Kundli Reading


Comprehensive Kundli Reading option is perfect for those looking for a detailed outlook on their birthchart and answers to questions related to major areas of their life. Get 5 questions and detailed explanations in a 60-minute reading.


If you are looking for detailed kundli reading in a 60-minute session with answers to all major areas of your life, pick this option. It includes

  • 60-minute session
  • 5 Questions
  • Detailed readings up to D-10 chart.

This reading is popular among people who book a consultation for the first time. Bhagyashree’s descriptive narrative style is much suited to this reading and helps you get more insights into your birth chart as well as your potential strengths and pitfalls. The reading also provides a holistic view of practical remedies and karmic solutions for your life.

Of course, all this happens in a positive, inspiring and holistic atmosphere where you can grow, learn and take truly authentic steps to get ahead in your life.

You can request a Google Meet video call for this reading.

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