Personal Mentoring Session


A mentoring session for those stuck in life. This unique coaching plan will help you get in touch with yourself, create efficient strategies to overcome negative emotions and patterns in life and become a more authentic expression of yourself. Choose this if you want a guide and mentor on changing your life one step at…

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Stuck? Scared? Feeling helpless?

This is the option for you. The Personal Coaching session IS NOT AN ASTROLOGICAL OR NUMEROLOGICAL CONSULTATION.

This session can help you get in touch and talk about your issues while creating a plan to solve these problems. Your personal birth chart is used to formulate a plan that you can stick to and create a better life for yourself. The recommended frequency is once every 15 to 30 days to stay on top of things.

You can book any number of sessions but we recommend at least 3.

Please do not confuse it for regular astrological consultations. IT IS A COACHING SESSION not an ASTROLOGICAL READING.

Your appointment will be cancelled if it is used as an astrological reading only and a 50% charge will be applied to your refund.


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